„Take Off“

Fascinated by the personality and message of Dr. Eugster, we have produced a song with him.

“This is very exciting – my first music single!” Charles wrote on his Facebook fanpage.

Watch the video:

The song title “Take Off” expresses that you can start a new life, new projects and face new challenges at any age.

„Break off the shackles of convention“ has been Charles‘ timeless message!

The contact was made by the president of the Swiss terzStiftung to Charles, who was an ambassador for the foundation. terzStiftung is a Foundation that understands aging as an opportunity and does everything possible to assist as many seniors as possible to live independently and safely into old age.

We felt honoured to realise our song debut together with the legendary Charles Eugster.

“Take Off” is available from all online music retailers. All proceeds go to terzStiftung.